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We take pride in providing a full service to our clients from the first phone call to the selection of frames or canvas on your walls.  Or the designing of heirloom quality memory album. 

Something on the walls or groupings of wall art.


These pieces of art are hand finished fine art productions just like you would expect to see in an art gallery.  They are appropriate for hanging on your walls as part of your home decor or to be displayed on mantles and desks.  They are finished in grand style to grace the interior of your home and designed to last for generations.  These portrait creations become instant heirlooms that will be priceless memories to treasure for a lifetime.

THE BOOK: to mark this milestone.

Deluxe Memory book 

12x12  20 page 20 images leather cover $1099

10X10 20 page 20 image hardback cover $499

WALL DECOR:  To decorate your home with premium prints.

Print  36x24 $708  20x30 $492 16x24  $314  10x15  $123

Canvas Gallery Wrap 

32X48 $4489 36X24 $2549  20X30 $1769 16X24 $1152  12X16 $576 

Metal Prints or Acrylic add $50 more.   Graduation Announcement Cards 25 5x7 $159  A variety of designs to choose from.

WALL GROUPING SPECIAL  Buy one get the next 50% off.

Portrait Collections:

Best savings! Get it all.

The portrait collections represent a significant savings over the regular al-a-carte portrait prices.  If you do not see something that fits your needs feel free to ask - we often change things around to make a custom fit for our clients. 

Studio Collections: 

A. Heirloom Collection $1299

1 36x24 canvas, 12x12 memory book image cover (hard back) (upgrade cover $349) 20 pages 20 images with all digital images. 

B. Signature Collection.  $899

1 16x24 canvas with all digital images. 

C. Classic Collection.  $699

3 8x12 premium prints and 1 12x16 premium print with all digital images.

Free retouching with all prints purchased.

Extra retouching $35 per digital image not printed.

Upgrade for albums.

Album covers bonded leather, distressed leather, canvas, linen or image.

 What about digital images? 

Yes, archival digital images are available for purchase. Having electronic images on your computer is great for social media to share on Facebook or Twitter.  We provide high-quality studio prints for your walls that will last much longer than drugstore prints that fade in ten years which are important for life milestones like senior photos, wedding photos, etc.  High-resolution digital images are with permission to print up to 5x7 sizes.  Larger sizes will need to be printed with our professional lab for best quality control.

Digital packages. One digital only $100 each, $200 for five, $350 for ten, $500 for all.