Something on the walls or groupings of canvas.














A memory album.










These pieces of art are hand finished fine art productions just like you would expect to see in an art gallery.  They are appropriate for hanging on your walls as part of your home decor or to be displayed on mantles and desks.  They are finished in grand style to grace the interior of your home and designed to last for generations.  These portrait creations become instant heirlooms that will be priceless memories to treasure for a lifetime.


A-la-cart. Valued individually.



GIFT SIZE: Something for your family and friends.


Gift Prints: 12 wallets, 4x6, 5x7, or 8x12  $65




THE BOOK: to mark this milestone.

Deluxe Memory book 

12x12  20 page 30 images leather cover $1199

12X8 16 PAGE 21 images leather cover $799 

10x10 16 page 21 images hardback image cover $299

 8x8 10 page 16 images hardback image cover $199


WALL DECOR:  To decorate your home.

Print  30x40 $890  20x30 $690 16x24  $440  10x15  $249 

Canvas Gallery Wrap

12X16 $380  16X24 $679  20X30 $790  30X40 $980  


Metal Prints or Acrylic add $100 more.  



Graduation Announcement Cards 25 5x7 $77


What about digital images?


As a free bonus you get archival web sized digital images with each print you order so you can share on Facebook and social media.





Choose for 3 categories and get 15% off your combined order.

Trio wall size 30% off if added to any package.

Iphone app of all purchased images $199.

Music slideshow.  $199.



Senior Portrait Collections:  The portrait collections represent a significant savings over the regular al-a-carte portrait prices.  If you do not see something that fits your needs feel free to ask - we often change things around to make a custom fit for our clients. 



“Wall” sizes are 24x36 or 2 16x24 or 3 10x15 

“Portrait” sizes are 1 8x12 or 2 5x7 or 3 4x6 or 12 wallets.  Art compositions must be purchased as a wall size.  One pose per portrait size.






A - Black Label Collection   $1899  (value $3100)

2 wall size canvas gallery wrap and 40 portrait sizes

12x12 30 page Custom Leather Memory Book. iPhone app. Music slideshow.


All images - Archival digital download of images you order.

5 high resolution digital web sized  image with permission to print included. 


B - Legacy Collection $1199 (value $1585)  

1 16x24 Canvas  20 portrait sizes.  

12x8 20 page Custom Leather Memory Book. 30 images. Iphone app.


All images - Archival digital web sized download of images you order.  

1 high resolution digital image with permission to print included.


C- Signature Collection $829  (value $1175) 

1 - 16x24 print  2 10x15 prints

15 portrait sizes. 8x8 Hardback memory book 10 pages. 17 images.


35-Archival digital web sized download of images you order.
1 high resolution digital image with permission to print included. 


D- Class Collection $349  (value $604) 

1 - 10x15 print  

7 portrait sizes.


8-Archival digital web sized download of images you order.  




E - Basic Package.   $189 (value $260)

4 portrait sizes

4-Archival web sized digital download  of images you order.  




Free re-touching with all prints.  $25 per extra pose.  Extra re-touching $25 per digital image.

Packages are only available at this price at the viewing session.  All orders must be paid in full before we place your order.




Add frames $135. 

Beaded Walnut, Rounded Black or Ornate Silver.













































What about digital images? As a free bonus you get web sized digital images with each print you order.


Yes you get websized digital images with our watermark along with ever print you order. Having electronic images is great for social media to share on Facebook or Twitter.  High quality studio prints will last much longer then drugstore prints that fade in ten years which is important for life milestones like senior photos, wedding photos, etc. Ideally, you can get BOTH, high quality prints along with smaller files to share on social media. 


High resolution digital images are with permission to print up to 5x7 sizes only - $125 each.  Larger sizes will need to be printed with our professional lab for best quality control.



Viewing/ordering Appointment policy:


"In order to be able to serve our clients identically the same, and to not take time away from YOUR viewing session, we established this policy for the benefit of ALL our clients. Your viewing session is the ONLY opportunity you have to view and purchase your final products. There are no proofs to take home, no online galleries, no thumbnails, no anything for you to "think about" your final selection. ONLY IMAGES THAT ARE ORDERED WILL BE STORED IN OUR STUDIO AND PLACED ON A GALLERY FOR FUTURE PURCHASES.  Once your viewing/ordering session is ended the unordered images are no longer available as we do not "store" unordered images."