Senior Portrait Product Guide



We take pride in providing a full service to our clients from the first phone call to the selection of frames or canvas on your walls.  

Or the designing of heirloom quality memory album. 

Something on the walls or groupings of wall art.














A memory album.























Photography is the paintbrush of such memories. It captures a moment, a relationship, a feeling, an era. A snapshot in time, sealed forever. It delivers a legacy that future generations will treasure and embrace. And it has the ability to translate emotion into a single print and then transport the viewer completely into that experience. No other art form has such impact. No other medium plays this essential role in our lives.

✦ Wall Décor
These pieces of art are hand finished fine art productions just like you would expect to see in an art gallery.  They are appropriate for hanging on your walls as part of your home decor or to be displayed on mantles and desks.  They are finished in grand style to grace the interior of your home and designed to last for generations.  These portrait creations become instant heirlooms that will be priceless memories to treasure for a lifetime.

✦ Tabletop Collections
Of course you will not be able to display all your favorite images on your walls. Coffee table books will keep you from having to experience the pain of falling in love with wondrous images of your family and then never seeing them again. These beautifully-designed books and tasteful collections feature the images that moved you the most. They gather your favorites together in presentations designed for display on a credenza or gifting to family.

8x12 20 page 20 image leather cameo cover $649

✦ Wall Premium Prints and Canvas groups.

To decorate your home with premium prints.
Premium Print  36x24 $708  20x30 $652 16x24  $414 12x18 $219  11x14 $149

Canvas Gallery Wrap
32X48 $1489 36X24 $949  20X30 $650 16X24 $450  12X18 $349
Metal Prints or Acrylic add $50 more.   


Any  TWO or more get 20% off.

 Build your own collection and save 20%

Combine three categories for extra savings.



Free retouching with all prints purchased.

Extra retouching $35 per digital image not printed.


Upgrade for albums.

Album covers bonded leather, distressed leather, canvas, linen or image.


 Images not purchased are not archived.  Please make you purchase at the ordering appointment time to receive a rewarded savings.

Add frames $95 or 20% whichever is greater.

Beaded Walnut, Rounded Black or Ornate Silver.












































Digital proofs are included with the session.

Having electronic images on your computer is great for social media to share on Facebook or Twitter.  We provide high-quality studio prints for your walls that will last much longer than drugstore prints that fade in ten years which are important for life milestones like senior photos, wedding photos, etc.  High-resolution digital images are with permission to print up to 8x12 sizes.  Larger sizes will need to be printed with our professional lab for best quality control.