First, please be on time!  :)  

Be sure to check out the blog or our pintrest site for engagement sessions. I’ve also discovered that when the prospective groom views a slideshow in advance, it helps him feel comfortable in front of the camera. Girls are usually more likely to model or what I lovingly refer to as “work-it” in front of the camera. Guys, on the other hand, are sometimes not. However, if they see some of my images and poses beforehand, they know that I’m only there to make them look extra handsome. ;)

It’s always fun to bring along props. I’ve had a couple bring along a soccer ball because they met on the field. Another couple bought cotton candy and had fun eating it together. Another couple had matching iPods, so they brought them along because they’re both really into music. The list is endless! Suggestions: Blanket, Bikes, polaroid camera, a favorite journal, magazines you like reading. Anything! :) Don’t hesitate to bring anything that truly reflects you individually or as a couple.

Have at least 2 outfits.  Solid colors are best.  
Clothing tips for photos sessions

Do you want to look 25 - 50 lbs HEAVIER in your portraits? Really? Are you sure? Ok...then wear WHITE, YELLOW AND RED clothing! I promise that you will look much heavier than you are. Why am I saying this? Why so harsh?

Because I know how UNFLATTERING you will look if you wear those colors. "But Warren…I look great in those colors." I understand completely. I'd feel the same way if I were you. But there are many technical reasons as to why I am saying this. What you look like "in person" (three dimensional) vs in a photograph (a one dimensional object) matters. Other photographers don't care but I do!

If you want to look TERRIFIC...I suggest solid colored "casual" clothing as styles change over time and you want your portraits that remain timeless. Do not wear STRIPES or PATTERNS as they add weight.

For tops...wear solid colors in medium to darker tones. That does not mean you have to wear black. For the ladies, V necks will make you look your best. Ladies...wear your make up as if you are going out for the evening. No lip gloss please. Keep jewelry to a minimum.

For bottoms, I suggest jeans or khakis for pants. If you must wear a dress, be careful of it loosely fitting as that can add weight too. Under no circumstances should you wear shorts unless you are under the age of 7! If you wear shorts, and you hate the way you look after you see your photos, I cannot help you. Good rule: The LESS skin that shows, the better off you are. Trust me!

Men - please shave before the photo session. I cannot do anything about 5 o'clock shadow.

Everyone be careful what you wear on your feet as it will show in the portraits.

I hope you to do not feel I am being too harsh. It's only because I care. But if you disagree with me...wear what you want. As long as you don't say “Warren…I look so heavy" after you see your photos. You can't say I did not try to warn you. I cannot redo the photos.

Avoid BUSY outfits with words or letters.  A portrait is about your personality and facial expressions and words on a t-shirt distract.