First and foremost, congratulations and thank you for your interest in Brown's Photography!

How exciting for you and your family.

The task you have in front of you is no easy one. Selecting an artist to tell your story is probably one of the most important decisions you will have to make in the upcoming months and one that will be with you for the rest of your life!

Sure, where uncle pete sits and who gets chicken or beef are important decisions, but none carry the long term implications of your imagery.

We recognize that what we do is about preserving life PRESERVING LOVE and preserving history.  Our goal is to tell your story in the most compelling way possible. We treat every event with the care and the trust that it deserves. What could be more important than giving your family beautiful images that will provide enjoyment for years, and hopefully, generations to come?

The result will be the creation of your first family heirloom. The responsibility of documenting your day is one we take very serious.  

Enclosed you will find detailed information about our products and packages. Please remember that this is a guideline.  We always meet with couples to go over everything to make sure your needs are meet.  We are flexible with our clients to make sure that all we will go beyond your expectations, let us know if you have any questions.

We look forward to working with you.  

Warren & Jackie Brown 



Why hire Warren & Jackie for your wedding photography?


1.  We guarantee everything we do.  If you’re not thrilled with your wedding photography, and the service we give you, we will give you all your money back.  We are absolutely committed to creating the finest wedding images for you, and taking extremely good care of you, every step of the way.


2.  Both myself and my wife, Jackie, work together with every wedding client – to create the finest wedding photography possible.  This helps you feel much more comfortable during the photography.  Plus, she takes photos and has a wonderful eye for composition and design, and is super – detailed about jewelry, hair, your clothing, etc.  This makes your images just wonderfully perfect and beautiful.  Warren can work on the photographs, the lighting, the backgrounds, etc. while Jackie makes sure everything is perfect on you and your wedding party and parents!  And there’s only one studio she works with – ours!  You can’t get her talent and her eyes anywhere else! 


3.  We only photograph a maximum of 24 weddings a year, and only one on any given day, so we are not rushed at your wedding – so we can take the time necessary to make really beautiful wedding photographs for you.  We are much more interested in creating wonderful images for you, and telling the emotional story of your wedding, rather than working with hundreds of weddings each year.  You simply can not rush when you want to create a truly beautiful, meaningful series of wedding photographs! 


4.  We meet with you several times prior to your wedding, to help you with all your planning, locations, timing, etc.  Jackie and I will guide you and help you with everything, and also be there on your wedding day.  With this careful planning, we will be able to create all the photographs you want for your wedding story, without interrupting the flow of your day.


5.  We specialize in working with the Brides and Grooms who want everything to be the very best, and want everything to go perfectly and smoothly for their wedding. This means that we are used to meeting your most specific desires, and doing a wonderful job for you, while not taking away from the religious as well as romantic parts of your day.  You will have a great time at your wedding, because of our over 5 years of experience in helping weddings go smoothly.


6.  We love what we do, and that love and enthusiasm results in photographs that are much “better” and more special to you.  Plus, you and your wedding party and friends become excited, too, and your 

 expressions are much more natural and beautiful, because everyone’s having a great time.  You should surround yourself with people who love what they do.  It is so important to have a wedding photographer who will help everyone have fun, rather than a photographer who will interrupt your day, and not be having fun while he’s working with you and your friends and relatives.  Why?  Because you will see it on their faces and in their expressions in the photographs!


7.  Amazing TWO WEEK turnaround. Most of the time it is less then a week until you will see all your wedding images.  It is so sad to hear many brides have told us about how long they have had to wait on their photographer to show them their images.  Some wait for 6 months.  When we finish your wedding we carefully and cautiously triple back-up your files so they are safe.  Then we enhance every beautiful photo to perfection.  You can see some favorite images the next day on Facebook and in a few days we will blog your wedding on our website.  We will have all your images ready to view in two weeks or less.  Sometimes we have them ready by the time you are back from your honeymoon





“Nationally recognized awarding winning professional photographers.”  



The possibilities are endless:

Four Seasons of Our Love Extended Engagement Session:  4 sessions up to 1 hour each at multiple locations, multi-outfits.  Urban or country or both.  Night or day. 

Pre-wedding bridals:  Get your hair fixed and makeup done.  Put on your wedding dress and get a feel of what it is like before the wedding day.  We can capture beautiful scenes in the garden, at a hotel, or any fun ideas you have.

Bride and Groom Portrait Session:  Some time after the wedding put on your wedding cloths and have a relaxed and romantic portrait session of the Bride and Groom.


Wedding day coverage.

Amazing details:  The dress, the shoes, the rings, the flowers, the receptions decor, cakes, ceremony decor, wide scene of the church and reception,  

Documentary:  Getting ready or bride and groom,  first look, time with wedding party, time with parents, ceremony, reception events.

Relaxed Portraits:  Bridal and Bridesmaids, Groom and Groomsmen, wedding party all combinations classic and fun,  Family portraits.  

Creative Time with the Bride and Groom:  Romantic scenes outdoors.

We will work with you to set a precise timeline so the day will go smoothly.  




Platinum Collection $4599  


12X12 Custom Leather Wedding Book 60 pages  100 images.

Extended Engagement Session up to 4 hours, up to four locations, at least 75 images with permission to print.  

Bridal Session or Bride and Groom Session 1 hour.   at least 35 images with permission to print.  

2 Photographers All day unlimited coverage and rehearsal dinner.

Unlimited number of digital negatives with permission to print. 

Personal website for 60 days Add ons 25% off.  




Gold Collection $3199 

10X10 Hardback Wedding Book 26 pages  50 images.

Engagement Session up to 1 hours.  50 images with permission to print.

Bridal Session or Bride and Groom Session. 1 hour.  25 images with permission to print.  

2 Photographers 

Unlimited number of digital negatives with permission to print. 

Up to 8 hrs of Coverage  

Personal website for 60 days Add ons 20% off. $250 print credit.



Silver Collection $2299 

Unlimited number of digital negatives with permission to print. 

Engagement Session up to 1 hours with digital negatives from engagement with permission to print.  15 images with permission to print. 

2 photographers 

Up to 6 hrs of coverage 

Personal Website for 60 days Add ons 15% off. 


Basic Coverage  $1499.

2 photographers up to 4 hrs of coverage. 

Unlimited number of digital negatives with permission to print. 

Personal Website for 60 days



We can customize your package in our in-person consultation.

A la carte pricing.

Coverage per hour for two photographers 250.

Extra Sessions 

Engagement Session 1 hr |  $285 

Fashion Bridal Session 1 hr | $285 

Client for Life Never pay a session fee. | $495

Bride and Groom Session 1 hr  |  $285

Digital High Resolution Files

Wedding Day Images downloadable with permission to print.  $999

Special session Images downloadable with permission to print.  $299

Individual High Resolution Files with permission to print.  $85 each.

Gift Sizes

8 wallets, 4x6, 5x7, 8x10  $7 - $19


Wall Portrait Sizes

11x14 | $95
16x24 | $145 | 20x20 | $345 20x30 | $495 30x30 | $545 30x40 | $595 15x30 Pano | $445

1.5in Canvas Portrait Sizes 

5x7 Image Box $195


11X14 $125 | 16x24 | $195  20x20 | $24515x30 | $345  20x30 | $495  30x30 | $545
30x40 | $695
(custom sizes available upon request)

DVD slideshow | $195 | $50 for each additional
Event Slideshow | $395

Engagement Guest Book or Album | $349



Album Pricing

Majestic Series cover chooses:  Leather, acrylic, metal, canvass.

Majestic Series 16 x 12 30 page album | $1399
Majestic Series Parent albums | quotes available upon request

Classic Series cover chooses:  Leather, acrylic, metal, canvass.

Classic Series 12 x 8  30 page album | $999 Classic Series 12 x 8 Parent Albums | $899

Kiss Series  cover chooses:  Leather or lenin

Kiss Series 12x12 30 page album | $1099 Kiss Series 8x8 Parent Albums | $799 or 2 for $1399 

Chic Series  cover chooses: black or image-wrap.

Chic Series Photo Cover 10x10 26 page album | $599 Chic Series 8x8 Parent Albums | $299 or 2 for $399 


$500 non-refundable retainer to hold your day.

Balance is due 30 days prior to the event.

Prices are locked in and will not change once the wedding is booked.  Otherwise prices are subject to change without notice. 


Balance must be paid in full before any images are delivered and all payment must be made before products are ordered.   Sales tax is added to all purchases.   



The photographers request a piece of wedding cake. :)