A few questions about your session: 


We would appreciate your feedback about what your preferences are about your session.


What kind of natural newborn images do you prefer?  

Some moms prefer that some portraits are natural with no clothes?

Some moms prefer the baby to wear an outfit, hat, or bow?  

Do you have a special blanket that you want us to use?  

Would you like the baby with mom and dad and other siblings?  

We would be happy to do all of these or some of these. 


Newborns are photographed in their own homes and sometimes in our home studio.  Normally because it is a comfortable environment for the parents and the baby. We use natural light and will find a source in your house like a large window or doorway. I come prepared with my newborn setup of blankets and props. I also highly encourage you to pick out a favorite prop, outfit, or blanket of your own to make the session special.

Babies love to be warm.   We want your baby to stay warm, comfortable, and happy so you might want to have your house a little warmer than normal so the baby will not get cold.   Have towels or wipes ready in case of accidents.

Newborn sessions typically last 1-2 hours. This allows us plenty of time at a relaxed pace. Newborns often need frequent breaks for feeding and calming, and I will work around their schedule. I do not want you to feel rushed.

One of the goals is to get the sleeping  poses done first.   We recommend that you adjust the sleeping schedule to allow the baby to be tired just before the session.  You may need to feed the baby when you arrive at our studio to help the baby go to sleep.  Once the baby is asleep then we can start posing in all those cute curly poses.  After a while the baby will wake up and may need a break.  You can then put on a change of outfit or continue the session with siblings or family.  We are flexible and will do what it takes to get some good images.  

Please feel free to give us any additional information that would help us in giving you the precious portraits that you are looking for.